Monday, 23 December 2013

Improbable Reason

Improbable reason,
What does thou mean
To perturb my sleep?
Provoke my innocence
And tempt me,
and yet not one dare,
To lay your hand upon my soul?
Does thou know’st my virtue’s rest
Lies modest in thy kindred flame
And I, not dare nor either choose
Thou love, my heart he doth possess.
But tis’ thy fate that passion tends
To lend thy fire lest I not see
My only love, shall ever rule
And humbly reign o’er me.

Lisa A. © 2013

Sunday, 22 December 2013

To Love You Forever

                                          Image : Lilyenn 

Mine love hath come
Soft and warm as petals
With silent innocence.

Mine heart tis still
Mine wings take flight
As on feather’s of angels
Fluttering in sweet delight.

What sacred heart
Arises in thy breast
Filling mine soul
Making lovers whisper
Upon parted lips?

Tis’ the golden sun of morn’
Rise in thine fair eyes
Capturing mine delight
Of far flung imaginings
Across a lover’s dream
Kissed by a rose.

Soft songs of thee I praise
Mine heart is thrilling
Sweet melody flow o’er my heart
As mine love conspires
On bended knee
To love you forever.

Lisa A. © 2013


                                          Image : Lilyenn

For times I have lost you
And in every surrender
One heart one breath
Each life after death
True love is forever.

Lisa A. © 2013